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Indiba® Scalp Therapy

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Hair loss in males and females of all ages is an increasing problem. Both young and old may experience this. Though the reasons for hair loss varies, we can always help improve hair growth by nourishing follicles. Our treatment takes the inside out approach, nourishing hair internally. INDIBA® Scalp Therapy stimulates blood circulation to follicles, delivering nutritional elements required for building new hair and strengthening hair fibres.


INDIBA® Scalp Therapy uses the patented Proionic® System, which through the specific radiofrequency of 448 kHz has shown these results:

    • Brings nutrients to the base of follicles so that cells multiply and regenerate thus forming the new hair
    • Brings amino acids (essential components of proteins) to the follicle for building keratin and strengthening and improving hair quality


This non-invasive approach to hair loss management is integrated with the hair growth cycle. When you first start the treatment, hair regrowth does not appear immediately and needs several weeks to be apparent as human hair grows 1cm per month on average. This treatment works to strengthen your natural growth cycle, coaching your follicles to be healthier to produce healthier hair. As you go through more cycles with the treatment, you would notice that your hair is denser and stronger.

After the first cycle, you can go through resting periods of some weeks before starting a second cycle.

*Treatment is only available at Salon Infinity (Suntec City)


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